Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sella didnt go to Swim practice thursday night because her Finger hurt.. but she didnt tell us so Steve and I went all the way out there to pick her up from swim. so 9pm thurs. night she is icing and taped her finger
6:30 am... mom my finger hurts.. ice and re-tape
Duirng school Sella talked ot her coach...
Coach..." heres a ball see if you can shoot. Well, you can just dribble left and assit the entire game"

2:30 pm Sella... "Mom my finger hurts its stressing me out about the game... I think Im gonna go see Ms. K and see if she thinks I need a xray..(ms.k is .. our next door neighbor and friend and sella babysits for them and she is a dr....and yes sella is on first name bases and everytime sella is in the hospital she stops by to see ms.k so it wouldnt be unusual for sella to say she was going to go ask her opinion)

Steve and I realize that Dr.K is still on leave.. We Call Emma who is at work and ask her to get Sella started at the Dr. office.
Emma ..."My sister needs to be seen"
Sella ...holding up her index finger..
"my finger is stressing me out"
staff... laughs.. "well come on back"
They do the BP and such...
Staff... " what are you doing???"
Sella..."my dad told me to keep my hand above my head"
DOC..."so I hear your finger is stressing you out... how bad?"
Sella..."well my mom had to tie my hair ribbons for me this morning"
DOC..laughing "well let me look...... ooo your no wimp"
radiology dept knows .. Sella and Emma very well..(emmas shoulder and Sella's foot)
so... its broken...bone fragments and blew out the tendon.
DOC..."Im gonna give you some SUPER tylenol"
Sella..."well its been really stressing me out because its hurts so bad...
... I have a GAME tonight and I NEED to PLAY.. can you just Like fix it up for that??"
DOC..." No"
Sella..."no really, I HAVE to play"
DOC... "Who are you playing? IS it the BIG game of the season How important of a game is it?"
Sella..." Local Italian team...I'm gonna dribble left and just assit"
DOC..."are you left handed?"
Sella..."no... but I believe the more you use your left hand the stronger your right is"
DOC.. "No ....You might want to consider another activity..chess club"
Sella...NO WAY ...I just joined the chess club for reals.


The Crazy Coxes said...

Owie! I hope she recovers quickly!!!

KelliSue Kolz said...

I'm still laughing. NO WAY! I just joined the chess club. LOL.

She's a fun girl!