Monday, October 25, 2010

This is how my morning went...
Bette was being Pissy so Emma and I were teaching her how to breathe....but ..
1. Emma was trying to take pictures of Bette breathing and writing all kinds of stuff on my FB making me laugh 2. Bette was holding her breath.. So NAMESTE was not fully accomplished.
Steve decided to give everyone a RECAP on how to use european toilets...... This now becomes rated... P for Pauling .. true.realistic......
bidet: in our home is used as a catch all...magazine, newspaper, freshener,tampons,foot bath and Kindle. button 1 ( steve calls it the Pisser button) low amount of water.
button 2.. for when you go number 2
prior to using the toilet you need to evaluate.
If you plan to go number 2 you must push pisser button so that water can coat the bowl thus number 2 can slide down.
If you predict a Major number 2 or more than a 1 min visit you must push the pisser button and then use 2 squares of TP over the landing area so that when you flush with the number 2 button.. no skid marks.
If you fail to follow the steps... you must cover your mistake with 2 squares of TP.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WE MOVED.....from Southern Italia to Northern Italia.. too much to catch up... find me on FB Kim Pauling
Napoli Italia..... Sella ws playing volleyball against her previous high school. A Swimmer friend asked her to HC ...
Volleyball Girls
So.. Sella Bella

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm so behind on blogging!!! Not so sure I will even try to catch up.
Emma's 2nd shoulder surgery
Emma moved to Uath
Day Trips
All three girls..anna.emma.bette live in the same condo..and the adventures there.
Sella. End of Swim Season..Basketball its Softball.
Cooata went on a Guys vacation-retreat to Germany.