Sunday, November 30, 2008

EVERYONE asks.... how's the boy...we've had to HIDE the exer-ball from him
boy has taken it to the level of ballnastics that drives us all crazy!!
He is as big or bigger HAM than the girls...
handsome as ever

Saturday, November 29, 2008

ok.. this is the only way it would work.. for now.
here are the thanksgiving pics. sella passed along the stomach flu i was ill... steve took the kids to the agora hotel for thanksgiving. they had a great time and a great feast. these are the pictures they took... thats my family.
the parents of the owners of the hotel have adopted Sseellllaaa as their own.
funny they think and tell people she is the prettiest 'American' they have ever seen.
phone phone phone
boy has decided...vintage Del Norte tees are cool
refuses to wear a naples shirt...
anyone who KNOWS cooata he always request an odd xmas present..chem lite.super ball.rope.leatherman.headlamp.and now rob&big tee shirt.
bette recently had her WISDOM teeth taken out
chef joe