Thursday, April 14, 2011

There is an ART to making BRUSCHETTA. I have watched, helped, tasted, attempted to achieve... however to me it's like, Indian Tacos you can't really master them if your not a Native. But, I am well on my way...... if not there... Only one thing is holding me back.. .... These are the best tasting tomato right now..Diced by hand not food processor. Fresh Garlic..PUGLIA Olive Oil.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My hair is GREEN....

I get asked this question a ZILLION times... So just do what I say ALREADY....
Get hair wet with CLEAN TAP WATER Before entering water.

USE a leave-in conditioner on your hair PRIOR to getting hair wet.
The P girls sometimes put 3 min mircle in their hair BEFORE leaving for the pool.. why not get a DEEP condition?
NEVER NEVER let you hair Dry with Chlorine in it!!!!

DONT... use a tinted shampoo um... like, GREEN.
DO...use a Clarifying Shampoo or one made for Chlorine removal.
DO..a WHITE Vinegar Rinse

Swimwear care.....

At this time of year I invest a lot of time in helping 4GIRLS 1BOY pick out swimsuits.. Emma is a big asset ... I would consider her an expert and can fit just about anyone in a great suit for them...unless a girl/boy totally has their mind set on a certain style and they are an IDIOT.
This is what I recommend...
Must buy at least 2 suits per season..........My children spend an abnormal amount of time in water...either because they are lifegaurds or Mermaids/Merboy?
Chlorine/Salt water/Sweat/Oils & Lotions/High Water Temps(hot tubs-hot pots-sulfer) RUIN Swimwear.
1. Rinse suit in clean tepid water before leaving pool/beach.
2. Hand wash/Gentle cycle in tepid water with a mild detergent WITHOUT fabric softener..(Woolite) roll in a towel to get out excess water...dry flat... IN DOORS. ( take out padding and dry flat, re-insert when dry) I totally get irritated when I see swimsuits hanging in the shower or drying outside!!!