Monday, April 11, 2011

Swimwear care.....

At this time of year I invest a lot of time in helping 4GIRLS 1BOY pick out swimsuits.. Emma is a big asset ... I would consider her an expert and can fit just about anyone in a great suit for them...unless a girl/boy totally has their mind set on a certain style and they are an IDIOT.
This is what I recommend...
Must buy at least 2 suits per season..........My children spend an abnormal amount of time in water...either because they are lifegaurds or Mermaids/Merboy?
Chlorine/Salt water/Sweat/Oils & Lotions/High Water Temps(hot tubs-hot pots-sulfer) RUIN Swimwear.
1. Rinse suit in clean tepid water before leaving pool/beach.
2. Hand wash/Gentle cycle in tepid water with a mild detergent WITHOUT fabric softener..(Woolite) roll in a towel to get out excess water...dry flat... IN DOORS. ( take out padding and dry flat, re-insert when dry) I totally get irritated when I see swimsuits hanging in the shower or drying outside!!!

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