Saturday, April 25, 2009

MORE PICTURES to COME!!! the actual center cupcake had a pink daisy ..sella loves dasies.
hired a friend to make these gourmet cupcakes to be delieverd to sella at school on her bday... turns out sella has a lot of good friends (all my kids do) who also baked her bday treats.
can u believe she gets all that HAIR in that tight bun!!
Sella and Bestfriend
Shania made Sella a Birthday Lunch....
Sella says.."Shania Makes the BEST Lunches"
Another ...Dr. appointment.
Sella has a Lis franc injury.. she goes to the dr again next week.. hopefully it will be good news.

Thursday, April 16, 2009 can a memory card be full?? I was trying to get a picture of cooata HELPING sella with her backpack... the house was already locked.
I got talked into blogging this.... Many of you know we do stuff like this a lot... if I thought I would be blogging it we would have maybe fluffed it up a bit more lol.....this was for Sella.. she LOVES this quote and BELIEVES in it and LIVES by it.... and really wanted to do something for her team..and of COURSE there is a Story behind it... and just in case they dont get the message on the outside its slipped in again on the inside.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Sunday.. WINDY and cloudy! cooata thought he was funny and put a grill in for his picture..sellas hair was all over the place.... emma was at work all day..anna and bette were on spring break with the paulings,im sure we will get limited pictures of them too.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sella=Bad Ass the story goes, sella decided to try soccer, a sport she has NEVER played before or expressed a desire too.. she was pretty much too busy growing up with other sports (seriously we have never owned a soccer ball) She made the varsity team...and decided that she LOVED it... really looked forward to practices and was getting the game in her head. (Fri)They were having a scrimage with the boys team and she had a run-in....she felt a snap (she didnt tell us this until days later) Sella called me from school Monday.."mom can I sit out of prac today my foot hurts" me, i say...."NO" then Tues sella again calls me from school.. "mom i dont think I can practice today, well maybe i can ice it and still prac...Wed.. same routine.. coaches insist that since sella hasent been able to full out practice that they require a Dr. release to allow her to play in Thurs. game.... And they NEED her to play and she had earned a starting position! So i make the call.... I say its not an emergency but that she just needs a dr release to play....I take sella in Thurs morning and they do an xray..(theyget sent off and it will take a few days to read and we can call in a few days to see what the results are.. but they wont call) blah blah blah and perhaps she has a sprained tendon... yada yada and she CANT play for a week... with in 15 min of leaving the DR office Sella goes back in to see if she can talk to her Dr again.. The DR... says NO.. hahahhaa and Sella wanted to ask.. please, can the week start after the game that day...(later the dr tells us.. that she was in the back and told them to tell sella that it was a NO).In the car ride over back to school ,sella says to me.."oh....I am soo relieved mom,I didnt want to tell you guys but I thought I broke it". THEN at 2:30 we get a call at home Emma answers...Emma hands me the Phone saying..ugh--oooo I answer and the DR says.. did I hear someone say UGH-ooo... I say .."yes???" Dr says.. "well ugh--oo it is.. can you bring sella back in.. right away she has a fracture of some sort. Its a 30 min ride into base.. I am taking my time because I knew she wasent gonna be able to play... but when I get the call I Hurry.. worried that sella had somehow talked the coaches into letting her play...When I arrive they are running late... but there was sella.. all suited up... I talked to the coaches... And then Sella walks over.... She has no Idea...I tell her we need to run over to the hospital.. and she KNEW... She started to cry.. She didnt cry when it happend or when she practiced on it.. But when she found out that she cant play... she cried. so now follow up appointments... they dont think its serious and she should be back playing before the season ends.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

we LOVE artichokes
setting up for the "PASSION" presentaion.....
more symbols.... since people live in these homes we were respectful of not taking close up pics.. and maybe we are a bit supersticious too.
isnt that the greatest color
a lady came out and asked us if we wanted to see the inside...
if you look closely you can see the sybols on the roof tops
Good Friday
olive press
they kept saying the sun was in their eyes..... whatever..then why did they sit there?
in this area ..people live in these Trulli's