Saturday, May 31, 2008

Prom Rules??? PROM 08.."Saying Good Bye with Style"
Sr. Girls...(emma not in the 4-some clique) girls EAT
dont make us go up there... had to be there to know how funny this pic is... dont you hate inside jokes.. Prom/Homecoming Queens 07-08
back of hair.. V shaped the curls in the back so that you can see the back of the dresses..and expose shoulders...I also did the girl in the yellow
Bette has long massive hair ...
PRE-PROMYes.... Bette sprung out of the mens dressing room with her homage to Risky Business-(David Archulata version) bette thought she found the perfect match for her date...she made every guy in the store try it on and then realized nope... not gonna fit...her date is a swimmer like her and has LONG arms. my hand... trying to be inspired for the right "DO" bette adding a few last curls while I finish make up. I ended up doing another Girl.. so I wasent able to get good pre pics and pics of the hair Dang it.. but I was very pleased with all 3 ...Picking the right Hair for the look is difficult to achieve. I sooooo dis like seeing bobbi pins.limp over done.twist hair line.awful from the back cuz it has to look good from all angles.. YES I LOOK at those things its my JOB!!! dont know who all will read this ..hey this is my blog i blog as I know it...but.. funny..most all the other girls got ready together at the house where the pre party was... many! girls ran and re-DID changed thier hair after my girls arrived.its a compliment right?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday was the Armed Forces Olympics
Steve decided that his Unit would enter as their own team and they placed 4th over all. (all teams are coed)IF they had joined forces with the other Army team and had a Super Army team then they would have brought home the GOLD... but the SUPER navy team placed 1st.
On a personal basics... remember this is a 43 yr OLD man competing against young guys.
Steve 1st place Obstacle Course
Steve 3rd place Climbing Wall 4th in the relay 10k

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recent Pictures of Anna... hanging out with friends :)
HAPPY 21st Birthday ANNA!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hazy day.... these are MY shots while Emma was getting her Grad Pics taken... I liked a lot of mine so I am EXCITED to see the PRO Shots. funny....... can you tell Emma was having fun? we picked this park in Napoli because it has soo many views... '08' baby all of these pics are un-edited Moving forward .... but looking back.