Monday, August 17, 2009

lemon..very very light
this last weekend was a Italian holiday..Ill have to put a link here......
Ferragosto is an Italian holiday celebrated on August 15, traditionally marked by an exodus of Italians to beaches and mountains attempting to escape the summer heat. The holiday coincides with the Roman Catholic feast day known as the Assunzione di Maria in Cielo (the Assumption of Mary into Heaven). On a linguistic sidenote, the term Ferragosto is derived from the Latin feriae Augusti, literally "Augustus's holiday." By proclamation of Roman Emperor Augustus, the feriae Augusti were originally a full month of festivals and celebrations.
the neighbors partied all day and night...they brought over dessert...SOOO YUMMY!!
chocolate icecream..layered type dessert

Friday, August 14, 2009

again... catching the personalities of cooata and sella... (i don't crop or edit) I am thinking about investing in a program to do such things tho.. maybe take a class? over 50 pics here... i have some good pics of others on the trip(didn't add to the slide show)..looking forward to seeing their pics too.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

sella's choice
as you can see we had a not so good start.... I was deciding which flip flops to wear... and then... got side tracked getting things ready to go....I didnt even notice until we were on our way.
My glitter toes are growing out!!!!!
Traffic was horrible...we left at 8:30 am
its August.. and a Sunday.
trying to look out and pick a beach....we should have gone with the one Sella wanted to go to...
Stopped for lunch
decided that no matter what .. we are staying for a hour... ended up staying for almost 4hrs.
I was banned from taking ANY PICTURES.
If any of you have been around Steve when he is
IN his mode...
you know what I am talking about.