Friday, May 2, 2008

self portraits

Customer Appreciation Week on the navy Base!! Cooata entered in the Wii Bowling contest and won second place and he was the ONLY contestant in the top contenders to not own a Wii. He won a camera and it has become a new fixation for Cooata. He completely diggs the thing. BMX'ers came down from all over the world for this weekend. Emma fell in love with Ryan Guettler and vows to win his attention. Her goal for tomorrow is to get him to sign her ipod! So on the ride home; Emma was completely infatuated with Ryan she began playing in the mirror. Cooata, being the sneaky brother that he is, caught it ALL on the camera:)


Cheryl J. said...

Cooata is looking soooo old!!

Anna said...

Emma is such a geek. Cooata...does this mean we get more pictures from you????

Anna said...

well...did she win his attention?