Thursday, April 16, 2009 can a memory card be full?? I was trying to get a picture of cooata HELPING sella with her backpack... the house was already locked.
I got talked into blogging this.... Many of you know we do stuff like this a lot... if I thought I would be blogging it we would have maybe fluffed it up a bit more lol.....this was for Sella.. she LOVES this quote and BELIEVES in it and LIVES by it.... and really wanted to do something for her team..and of COURSE there is a Story behind it... and just in case they dont get the message on the outside its slipped in again on the inside.


Missty said...

Love the saying!! And the Easter pictures!!

Cheryl J. said...

I love this and am glad you blogged it (you soooo know I am into this kind of stuff!).