Saturday, December 12, 2009

they pulled sella in for a pic...
not just the basketball coaches were effected by the stressed out finger..
BBall coach's... Crap.. now we have to REDO our starting lineup and plays. They are on xmas break.. no games for about a month so HOPEFULLY the finger wil be less stressed.
SWIM Coach's ...who were at the game...Oh we have it figured out.. waterproof tape and you can do Kick Drills...and THIS proves why Sella should FOCUS only on SWIM
CHEER COACH'S.. we would not have broken Sella's finger if she had done cheer... The coaches are ALWAYS impressed with Sella's knowledge of CHEER LOL... Sella NEVER missed Anna and Emmas games they cheered at. Sella will tell them.. No.. when you stunt it should look like this..your not using technique and oh your not cleaning right.
the guy cheerleaders.. were tossing sella back and forth who wants to take a picture with sella...
This girl rushed over to get a picture with Sella.. even though Sella didnt get to play.
A Local Italian club type team was brought in to play the girls team.. Florence did not have a girls bball team ...The boys played FLorence.
The oldest Girl on the Italian team was 28.. 1 girl was 16 and all the rest were over 20. As you can see in top left corner.... Naples did not win.. yet a good time... they exchanged gifts.

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The Crazy Coxes said...

I always love all of your pics! You do such a good job!