Thursday, December 3, 2009

The basketball team has new coaches this year.
First 2 hrs of any trip HOMEWORK(i like)
On Game Days.. dress up and dress up for travel if less than 3 hrs (i like)
Prefer the girls wear dresses (i like)
Prefer that dresses are BELOW the KNEE...
SERIOUSLY do they make dresses like that any more.. So Ive been on the hunt to meet the dress code many know dress codes are not a battle I choose to pick, just not worth it. This is the LONGEST dress I could find .. Ieven sized up to a Med. because it was 2 inches longer...I'm thinking the leggins should make it OK???


KelliSue Kolz said... Penney's has skirts that are below the knee in the juniors section. Great with boots or heels. If you put jingle49 in the discount at checkout you get free shipping.

HTH a little. I'm thinking that some good skirts with their fave sweaters might get the girls through dressup occasions that require travel. And some might work for college and job interviews too.

Here are some dress websites. (50% off holiday sale) I like the black and white outfit on the cover. Only three but I like the fist one.

Check out I like the blue and black dress, it comes in a size 2P. Might that fit?


The Crazy Coxes said...

I LOVE these coaches.

Of course there are plenty of dresses and skirts that come down to the knee. I see 30 teenage girls wearing stylish outfits every Sunday that come down to their knee.

Admit it, you KNEW I was going to say this!

Kim said...

PAST the knee... not tooo the knee...

Cheryl J. said...

I think she looks great!