Sunday, July 6, 2008

Anna here...Last weekend I went to Moab with a group of friends from church. I had a blast! We went rafting, hiking and kind of thing! This was my first time rafting...let me tell you...I am SO going again! Maybe I'll do a class five one day... Ok one picture looks like I was about to cry...I should've...the kid I was on the ATV with...did not know how to drive! He gave me quite a scare. Don't worry, I got him back. Rafting: like I was FUN!! Only class two...I was bummed but hey I still had fun! The guides had a lot of games for us, and I was able to swim in the river. It was freezing but worth every minute. I lost my shoe while swimming but luckily one of the girls found my shoe floating. Camping: it was great! the boys took forever to set up the tent. They had to have a girl tell them what to do (not me). Girls are smart! Delicate Arch: The hike was fun. It was bloody hot...the boys had a great idea to go hiking in the afternoon. The girls and I (along with 2 other boys) got up 6:30 am thinking we would be going hiking early morning...but the other boys had a different time in mind. If you wanna survive, I suggest yall to go hiking early morning... While we were hiking, we met a family from Italy. They didn't speak English, so of course it was easy for us deafies to communicate with them...through gestures. I admit we had some miscommunication but other than that, they were very nice. The father was kind enough to help me down one of the steep hills(if you don't know me well, I'm the girl who wanders off and climb every rock I can find) I don't know why our boys didn't think of that BUT one of the boys did think about bringing a leash for me.


Melissa Miller said...

Anna, I am glad you had fun! I hope you were able to get everything you needed. I told Matt to get that boat fixed, so we can go play!!

Anna said...

GOOD!! we need to go to the lake SOON!!! :)