Thursday, March 6, 2008

I know there will be some kind of bad karma for this but....I have an obsession with these Bottles.. its the FIND that brings me joy.. Yes you can purchase them in antique stores or even on eBay.. Here is my story about this one.. A friend called this morning in need of some help...[My] one day this week I didn't have anything I HAD to do so when she called and asked what are you doing I said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... Her husband R had surgery the other day and he was in a lot of pain and needed to be taken to the ER...L's car is in the shop and she can not drive her husbands car.. So.. sure I can help out... as I am on my way what do I SPY ????? in a mountain of road side trash? I think to myself.. On my way back I will stop and get it... Then more powerful thoughts burn... turn around.... which is not an easy task since roads are already narrow and with trash creeping onto the road and I drive a mini van.... the hookers are all wacthing me from their lawn chairs.. I trample through the trash ... its BIGGER than the one I already have and bigger than any I have seen... now the task of turning around again! sorry R take a couple more vicadin??
****sorry no pics of the hookers... most of them came here against thier will****

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Stacy said...

I told my sisters-in-law this story. (They're well-traveled in Europe--kinda.) They thought it was hysterical and quite ingenious of you. LOL