Thursday, March 13, 2008

.happy birthday steve.
the girls had been at track so we decided to go to the good ole stand by.. chicken shack..we havent beent there in a lil while..when we we were living in tla we frequented the place. no doubt that the kids can really tear up a chicken. in the summer you can eat outside..its a fairly american friendly place..however if you are not a regular you can expect to WAIT a long time for service..for some reason the staff loves steve. its actually walking distance from the house. .bette thinks its BYOK. .greasy kisses. we have to all get out of the car so it wont bottom out getting it into our you can see its easy to get trapped and not be able to enter the porch...the kids climb over... stray.... the owner tracked us down and said..take a picture of ME.. favorite produce market..after we ate we walked over and picked up a few things.

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Cheryl J. said...

FINALLY you post pictures of Steve! I was actually laughing at the picture of your car with your caption (of bottoming out).

Tell Steve "Happy Belated Birthday!" and tell him I made my Chocolate Chip Cookies for my Zion Place Mall Enrichment meeting (I was the Mrs. Fields booth). I had about 8 people ask me if I really made them because they looked so uniform. Made me think of Steve all those year's accusing me of buying them from Mrs. F. LOL