Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let's do Lunch

Let's do Lunch...ha ha yes that would be Kim On the phone...I know that my family alone is entertaining enough for a 3hr lunch. Since moving to Italy my Lunch's have slowed down.. well you could also say that our lives have slowed down also. My most missed lunch is the emergency lunch...... lunch 12 @ ______ be there.... and to know that we will all show up. I'm sure you can hear Steve saying... "Can't you just talk about this at one of your Lunch thingy's?"
I must give some shout outs to the lunch crews...
THE 2julie's& jeanette&leslie&kim and to the blue eyed waiter who always gave us FREEdesserts.
THE 505.ABQ.Crew AKA Mothers Maffia ....The saying ..."It takes a Village to raise a child"(please tell me that someone other than hillary clinton said that) is an understatement for this group...... there are the occasional comrades who are seeking the wisdom of the MM's haha... many great and profound miracles have happend... call them what u want but I say miracle. Those of us who have moved away can still. via get in on the great things that come out of those pow wow's.
The lunch crew here..... is still in the development stages...although you have your TLA-BUDDIES (tempory living arrangments) the people who arrived around the same time as you, live in the same hotel, going through the same things at the same time...SO basically friends by circumstance...and it just so happens I have some great TLA buddies.


Cheryl J. said...

LOL...I am your first comment :-) I thought I came up with a great title for at least the first few weeks of your blog :-)

Now we can see some updates! Send your blog address out to everyone so they can keep up with you.

I think it would be interesting if you put stuff up about the garbage strike and your security stuff (all those locks).

ttyl :-)

Kim said...

ugh the garbage !