Saturday, February 23, 2008

I know that everyone has seen a GAZILLION pics of Sella (well all my kids doing activities) But.... these are different haha

1st I didn't take them.. I was in Germany watching Emma compete.

2nd Sella didn't play!! She had been battling shin splints for weeks.

3rd Sella told her coach...I'M COACH TODAY...Steve tells me that I should be proud... she gave a great inspirational pep talk...her team mates were down because they have relied on Sella to score her normal double digits.

Sella finished the season with Success.... She wanted to make sure every team member scored...and....the players on the team who had been forced to play by their parents would end up LOVING basketball.
I wish it was easier for me to caption pics... the way I like to! Sella on bench.. she takes great care of her sneakers... these are her coushy shoes for shin splints! Sella tells the story about when she played YMCA bball and her bball idol (at the time) said... This how you take care of your shoes or they will loose their GRIP?? Next pic.. Sella running her drills and always teaching. last pic.. Sella with a CLIP BOARD??

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Cheryl J. said...

I'll have to show Brent that Sella has learned how to take care of her shoes...too funny!

The pictures are great!