Thursday, October 15, 2009

Powder Puff... Sella and her fellow Sophomores kicked some A@@, just no other way to say it. After they stomped the freshmen..the jr and sr combined... it was dark.. sophomores dominated again.. Sr's had 2 lucky plays ..both were after the ball was down...yet as you know its always somewhat rigged so Sr.'s win.(but seriously the sr team had 2 plays in the entire game) It wont be too hard to pick out Sella in these pictures. I know a lot of pictures.. but this blog is for family and I know MY DAD, COOPER,RON,MY MOM,ANNA,BETTE will want to see them all. Sella Dressed as Coach Lee for opposite day... (sella is always the player ---now she was the coach)

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Anna said...

that's how we do it! :)