Monday, September 14, 2009

Sella.. took some muffins ..Pumpkin Choc Chip next door. They raved and raved about them and I will admit they were as good as they looked. Evonna then told Sella she would make her anything she wanted...Everyone loves the Pizza they bring over but Sella said.. Spaghetti Pomodoro... and Evonna said ,really are you sure thats it??? Sunday afternoon look what she brought over.. it was sooo yummy... Evonna then told me that Muffins are not common in italy and that they always wanted to try them and they could not believe how good they are...they could SMELL them while I was baking and wondered if it was a candle. Evonna asked, americans have boxes?? I said yes there are box mixes but that I make them from scratch. It occurred to me.. Next time I will invite her over to watch/help me. I also must add...Sella took credit for making them ..sella says it a language thing it was just easier to say I made them . silly girl. I also must give credit to my good friend Margie for passing her secret along.

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