Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The dog almost attacked all the boys that came to help Jason(Bette's date) answer back..
Using the key under the mat, Jason's next task was to try and remember which room Nina( His step-sister) said was Bette's. Of course, boys never really listen, so he resorted to going through her mail and searching her room for a pic of her, he seemed to skip the big clue of all the B'S she has everywhere. To reclaim pride, he decorated with Orange and Blue streamers- Timpview colors because Bette had put Provo High decorated paper on his posters, the boys got some wit. He had balloons with yes written on them and Cut out Y E S 's put all over the room, he had trouble finding tape so he got creative... then next the silly string. What person doesn't realize that silly string stains..? It's apparent that a girl's touch wasn't involved in his friends and his decorations. Silly string was blasted everywhere ... I really think they closed their eyes and aimed. They noticed that a picture of Bette and her cousin Casey was on her bulletin board..they concluded that it was her boyfriend and they covered his face with silly string, the picture is now ruined. Bette is still finding silly string pieces in her bras, they also threw bubbalicious bubble gum all over which she can''t even chew because of braces. Hands down a totally cute idea. Nina came by so we could test run the Disco jumpsuits we were planning on wearing. " How we gonna pee?" They also had to do some lunges and squats to get the outfits dance ready


Cheryl J. said...

Ahhh...How cute! I hope they have (had) fun at the dance!!

Melissa Miller said...

I am sorry that Jason ruined half of her stuff...BUT isn't he just sooo cute!!!