Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday 17!
some kind of bday... get braces on
The staff at Dr.Nords office greeted Bette with a Picture..of Blake Lively.. they all think she looks like her..in fact some thought that after the picture was printed up and side by side with her Pre-pic that It was her School Picture ... what a nice compliment to Bette.
Bette had lots of Bday wishes..from friends and family!!
Friends from school gave her 17 Balloons at lunch time at school.
A good friend from ABQ is attending BYU and Took Bette out to Dinner for her Bday.... NO.. they are friends.
Pics from the family celebration coming soon...


Beth said...

"17!" Wow, I can't believe it. Hey, facebook me an update on everyone. Love ya

Cheryl J. said...

Cute pictures! Bette does look like "Serena" LOL. Thanks for putting a picture of Brent up too! How sweet for her new friends to give her balloons!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Happy Birthday to Bette!

Missty said...

Am I missing something?? Is Bette in Utah, all of you in Utah?? If she went to lunch with Brent?
Enquiring mids want to know. lol

Kim said...

Aww thanks so much everyone. Yupp me in utah crazy huh. My moms here for a little longer shes just helpin me get settled she leaves sometime this week. lammme right, braces on my bday =[
Oh well.
oh yeah and dinnner with brent was GREAT